Purpose of Creating ID Cards

importance of id

The primary purpose of creating an ID card is from the word itself, “identification.” But there are more ways an ID card can be of importance. We have listed some of its uses:

1. Identification for Security

security guardThis is one way to ensure safety in the workplace. Security personnel can easily identify the employees wearing their IDs. Most companies also issue visitor’s ID and supplier’s ID so they can be easily identified when they are within the company’s premises.

3. Gain of Access


Some companies would issue a color-coded ID to properly identify the staff who are allowed to access a certain department, room or floor in an office.

5. Availing Discounts


Some companies tie up with local store and establishments specifically to give perks and privileges to their employees. The company ID is normally the requirement to avail these discounts.

2. Association and Belonging

peersHaving the same ID cards create a sense of belonging among coworkers. They would feel that they are one in achieving a common goal set by their employers.

4. Personal Card


It is important to include “person to contact in case of emergencies”. We may have government issued ID cards but our employee’s ID contain more personal information.

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