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Thanks for your interest in our ID cards printing service.

Prices are posted in each individual product category. Kindly take note that it has equivalent specifications which you can read under product description. If your requirement is not listed, please contact us.

Here are few information that we need from you when you are requesting for a quote.

1) What is your target quantity?

2) What is your requirement for ID printing? [please choose from the following]

a) printing only, do you have ready files to print?
– you will provide ready files to print
– send a sample file for feedback

b) printing with data entry – do you have the template but require us to insert text/photo/signature info to template?
– you will provide the base design template/photos/signatures/excel file
– send your template for feedback

c) do you require us to do the base design template?
– send your complete design concept
– we quote based on design details we work on
– the more intricate the design is, the higher the price.
– id design ideas:
– include the descending layout info
ex. top to bottom arrangement
~ front: logo, picture, nickname, company name, address
~ back: signature full name, title, contact information, authorized signatory

d) do you need editing service and other considerations?
~ removing or changing your photo’s background
~ generating barcode or qr code
~ staggered deliveries
~ continuous hiring of employees
~ delivery to several addresses
~ help with working your design on MS docs, canva or other similar apps

You can be as detailed as possible so we can give you a more accurate info and a more appropriate response to your need.

To request formal quote, kindly provide the following:

contact person:
contact number:
company name:
delivery address:
email address:
choose from A, B or C
other details to consider:

Rush delivery is not applicable.

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    ID Cards Printing Only Service

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