Creating Professional ID Cards

Let's start to identify the essential in creating professional ID card. In Prints Etc, we believe we print by purpose. We print to label, inform, express and own. 

We have listed some of the importance of ID cards to our organizations. If you haven’t read the article, click here.

Think about the purpose of the card.goal

Why do you need a company ID? Is it merely for identification? Is your organization large and how do you identify your employees? Do you hold an organization wherein security is not directly linked by issuance of a company identification card?  When you know the purpose of creating an ID card, it is easier to list down the details you need to include in your company ID.

Text Details

Based on the recognized purpose, identify the necessary information to appear on the front and back of the cards. List them down and gather the information. If your company deals more on machines and electronics and focused on making the company ID be used as personal card for emergencies, you would probably include more details like blood type and allergy details. Or do you like nicknames more visible for others to see and be able to identify the person in more personal manner?

Graphics, Icons and Colors


The colors are normally associated with your business. Add your company logo and your brand logo. Think of a background image and color that best represent your organization.

Arrange the Details


You don’t need a computer graphics artist to organize the details. You can create strokes on paper and arrange the set up of the collected data and images. Work on your design preferences before contacting a graphic artist, if you need one.

Contact a Printer

companyPrinting companies require a specific dimension to print a specific project and may require a specific file format as well. In preparation, it is best you look for printing company before you start working on the layout. Ask for the file requirement needed for printing.

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