Custom ID Card Size



material: laminated PET card

✉ send your front & back template and individual information
? read the product description below for the file requirement
₱ prices on this page have equivalent specifications and services

✓material + inserting info + printing price
✓no minimum order quantity required
✓We issue Official Receipt.
✓quantity discount is applicable to one design template only.
✓quantity discount is not applicable multiple design and design variations

unit price 1 to 19 pcs. 20 to 99 pcs. 100 pcs. or more
ID001 ₱250.00 each ₱70.00 each ₱65.00 each
ID002 ₱270.00 each ₱90.00 each ₱85.00 each
ID003 ₱250.00 each ₱70.00 each ₱65.00 each
ID004 ₱280.00 each ₱100.00 each ₱95.00 each

✓no additional discount
✓free one-time delivery for 200 pcs. and up.

delivery fee 1-50 pcs. 51-199 pcs. 200 pcs. [&up]
Philippines ₱85.00 ₱185.00 ₱0.00

Delivery transit time: minimum of 5 business days, allow transit delay
Transit time excludes the production lead time.
Plan ahead! Order ahead of time.




Do you have ready files to print?

This product page is for PRINTING SERVICE ONLY. Clients need to provide their files which are ready to be printed. 

Please email your detailed requirement if you require add-on services, like data entry, background removal and generating QR codes.

Custom ID Card sizes smaller than atm card size and bigger up to 5×7 inches.

At our ID card printing service, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to ID cards and badges. That’s why we offer custom sizes for our ID cards and badges to fit your specific needs. Whether you need a smaller ID card for portability or a larger badge for increased visibility, we can accommodate your requests. Whatever your size or badge needs may be, our team is here to help you create a custom solution that works for you.

Order Process

Share Your Files via Google Drive

Make a Payment

Line-up for Printing


We issue Official Receipt

Direct Manufacturer

Low Price

No Minimum Order Quantity Required

Minimum of 3 business days production

Get top-notch identification cards swiftly and conveniently with ID card printing services. These services boast an array of design choices, from colors and images to fonts and layouts, allowing you to tailor ID cards to your organization’s branding. Whether it’s for employees, students, or members, rest assured, ID card printing services deliver secure and high-quality identification cards tailored to your requirements.


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