ID Cards Printing with Data Entry



Laminated PET cards with enduring color using non-fading pigment ink and our 6-color printer.

Price per piece:
1 to 5 pcs. ₱250.00 each
6 to 19 pcs. ₱150.00 each
20 pcs up ₱95.00 each

? read the product description below
✓ no minimum order quantity
✓ non-fading
✓ laminated PET card
✓ durable
✓ waterproof
✓ pigment ink using 6-colors printer
✓ We issue Official Receipt.

Delivery fee:
1 to 99 pcs ₱85.00
200 pcs up ₱0.00
Delivery via J&T only (no other available option)



upload your files & share 1 download link in the notes box during checkout.




Welcome to ID Card Printing Services. 

ID CARDS "With Data Entry"

Do you have the base design template?

This product page is specifically for the following services:
~ we insert individual information to your template:
1) photo
2) signature
3) text details
4) printing

Our ID card printing service offers the ability to insert individual information into the design template. This means that each card can be personalized with unique information such as name, photo, ID number, and more. You can rest assured that your ID cards will be durable, professional, and easy to read. Plus, our quick turnaround times mean that you can have your personalized ID cards in hand in no time!

If you already have your ready-files for printing, CLICK HERE to avail the printing service only. We provide the cards.

Discover our PET ID card printing solutions for an environmentally conscious choice. Utilizing top-notch PET materials, we ensure durability while reducing our ecological footprint. Opt for sustainability without sacrificing quality.

Order Process

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We issue Official Receipt

Direct Manufacturer

Low Price

No Minimum Order Quantity Required

Minimum of 3 business days production

ID card printing services are a convenient and efficient way to get high-quality identification cards for your organization or business. These services typically offer a wide variety of design options, including different colors, images, fonts, and layouts, so you can create ID cards that reflect your organization’s branding and style. Whether you need ID cards for employees, students, or members of your organization, ID card printing services can help you create high-quality and secure identification cards that will meet all of your needs.

You can also watch the video guide on how to prepare your ID card files ready for printing if you are a photoshop user. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO or scroll down to watch the video. ↓

We also accommodate custom-sized badge and cards printing. Click Here for the published rate and its equivalent specifications.

 to get a copy of the template on how to prepare your cards ready for printing using CANVA.

Canva user can send any of the following:

  • canva design link with each properly labeled page.
  • pdf file – from the “download” section, use PDF print RGB [best for digital use]

MS Office user should send pdf file. Contact us for the guide.
Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher

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