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How to Order options:

1) Use “Add to Cart” button
This is applicable to products available on our website. Otherwise, use other options.

2) Email cs@digitalprinting.ph or 2080cs@gmail.com
You can email your complete order details. We will send the quotation and the payment invoice for complete inquiry. Otherwise, we will email you the rates, if applicable, or email you further questions to determine your complete requirement.

Please see junk or spam folder for our reply, if our email is not found in your inbox.

3) Chat us on Facebook page Digital Printing Ph
You can chat us on Facebook and provide your detailed inquiry or complete order details.

You will provide your email address wherein we will send the quotation and payment invoice of your order.
Note: We don’t have sales agents & collection agents. We do not allow walk-ins. Buy online.

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payment method: BPI, Remit Centers, GCash and Paypal

What Do You Need to Provide?

To request quotation or to order, kindly provide the following details:
contact person:
contact number:
company name:
delivery address:
preferred payment method:
other details to consider:

We will only provide the rates for inquiries with incomplete information.

Quotation and Payment Invoice

What is included in the quotation?
1) the product/s and its quantity
2) specifications and file requirement
3) price and other applicable charges such as layout fee
4) production time
5) payment method and terms
6) delivery information including charges and transit time
7) other business terms and agreement
8) other pertinent information to transact your order
We suggest that you review the quotation before making the payment.

What is included in the payment invoice?
1) client’s information
2) payment invoice number and order number
3) product details, its quantity, prices, and total amount
4) delivery charge and other charges such as paypal charge, if applicable
5) total amount due
6) payment method and terms
6) our payment information (bank details, remit center recipient, paypal email address)
7) other business terms and agreement
8) other pertinent information to transact your order
We suggest you review the payment invoice before making the payment.

Published Rates has equivalent terms and specifications.
If your requirement is other than what is provided on our website, please request a quotation stating your complete inquiry.

Why Do We Need the Complete Information?

We need to know your complete order details to determine the following:
availability of the materials/product:
production lead time:
payment terms applicable to you:
delivery charge:
transit time:
design details:
other pertinent details:
if your requirement is not included in our list of products, you can provide the quantity and complete specifications to determine material, costing, production time, and eventually the rates per piece/set.

Other Details You Need to Know:

Purchasing One Piece

1) We do not give sample products/materials. Most of our products don’t have minimum order quantity requirement. You can request one-piece printing and retail price applies. Please take note that specifications and terms apply.

2) Requesting one-piece printing is not applicable for products with minimum order quantity.

Layout Service

1) You can provide the complete design details and mock up design. This is personalized printing so client provides their design preferences. We will only execute the layout. We normally accept 2 free revisions for every transaction. The layout fee will be determined based on the design details to work on. Layout fee varies on product you wish to order.

2) We do not have templates. You can start thinking about the theme, group or corporate color, text details you want to include, font styles/colors and other details to fulfill the design idea. You can search online for projects similar to your requirement to get an inspiration.

3) If in any case, we accommodate the conceptualization, the service will be charged accordingly.

Review the quotation before you make the payment. No Rush Printing. Everything is scheduled.
If you have questions about How to Order process, write us thru email or chat.